Ashley Garris after only 27 days!! Yes, less than a month produces results.
All it takes is YOU....

Nicole Denham 58 days of Hard Work     Pictures are dated as Jan 2, 2013 through Feb 28th 2013
           58 Days of Hard Work. Way to go Nicole Denham

Kim Acord 58 days of Hard work!! Top set: Jan 2,2013 Bottom: Feb 28,2013

 The left is a low protein diet with exercise (Nov 2012)
 The Right is a balanced diet directed by B.A.M. with exercise (March 2013)

5K Run March 2013                                           Our Fab 5 on Ab Day
First time for many of us!

                          March 2013
Meghan Howard Placed 1st in her division
Isaac Hosier Placed 3rd in his division
Trish Allen beat her record time!!